So I’ve finally set the release date for my third Ultimate Power Series book, Tegan’s Magic,  – March 7th. That’s less than a month away now. I had planned on publishing it earlier, but you know, life and such got in the way.

For now, I’d like to reveal the cover and synopsis…
BUT before I do that. For anyone who’d like to get the book EARLY (well…a couple days before the publishing date), I’m going to give away three advance ebook copies. All you have to do to be in with a chance of being picked is comment below or email me at with the title “Tegan’s Magic Giveaway”. I’ll select the three winners at random.
I’d also like to congratulate Marcia from Goodreads who won the signed copy of Painted Faces that I gave away in my previous post.

So, without stalling further, here’s the cover!


Something is rotten in Tribane city. The humans are descending into madness and Tegan is
certain that Theodore has something to do with it.
The sorcerer and his followers have sent her father to hell and she’s determined to bring
him back. She’s not going to lie down and play dead this time, now she has magic on her side.
And then there’s the alliance she and her friends have made with Ethan and his group of
exiled vampires – vampires who were exiled because of something she did. She’s not having the best time living under their quiet condemnation, especially Ethan’s new-found hostility.
With all that going on, Tegan doesn’t feel like her love life should be taking centre stage,
yet she’s finding that her friendship with Finn is evolving into something she never expected. The question is, should she explore the possibility of Finn or wait for Ethan to finally forgive her?
Both Whitfield and Pamphrock are regrouping, but which side is going to make the first
There will be magic.
There will be fighting.
Blood will be spilled.
Someone will emerge as the new ruler of Tribane and the only thing that’s certain is the
city will never be the same again.




And before I go, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Letitia of the Romantic Book Affairs blog, who recently did a wonderful job of revamping the cover for Painted Faces. Here’s the full paperback version…

Bye for now!

5 comments on “Tegan’s Magic COVER REVEAL”

  1. Well I for one am excited. I have been anxiously waiting for 2013 to roll in so that I may continue with all the next action packed adventures in the series from all my fave books.

  2. Hi! You might see it on Goodreads already because I follow you on there, but I'm leaving you my review on here. You have outdone yourself!

    This book was an exercise in dark beauty. I am still slightly hungover from all the colors, textures and emotions. It is a very unconventional love story, but I found myself rooting for those characters that experienced all the cruelty the world has to offer. It was a deeply satisfying and passionate experience where the main characters gradually revealed parts of themselves until they were raw with emotion.

    I saw myself in Fred, the main character, and could only dream of having such a colorful personality as Viv for a neighbor. Believe me, you will surprise yourself with how much you dig this setup.

    Open your mind to this book; you will not be disappointed. I think I may just have to read it again this week.

    L.H. Cosway, this book is CONFIDENT. It still has the dark and hazy undertones that I perceived while reading Tegan's story, but it is so unique. I had to stop myself from tearing up in a packed 5 hour flight. I love it.

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