A Vision of Green Release Day Video Blog, Teaser and Giveaway!!

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It's the release day for A Vision of Green (Florence Vaine #2) and I thought I'd try my hand at doing a little video blog reading out the first page. My apologies for looking so tired, I recorded this very early this morning(my apologies also for sounding like a 12 year old lol) Anyway, have a look:

Haha, I can't watch that it makes me cringe, once was enough! Perhaps I'll make it a tradition and do one every time I release a book.

Here are the links to A Vision of Green on Amazon US and UK:


So I'm going to do a giveaway of three kindle copies of the book. All you have to do is send me an email at lhcosway@gmail.com telling me why you want to read more about Flo and company. One or two lines will do! I'll pick the three best answers.

If you want to double your chances of winning a copy you can pop over to Brandi Kosiner's YA and Teen Book Blog and enter the raffle to win book one and book two in a bundle!!


I'm also going to post a small teaser from the book here, it's the first scene with Flo and Frank, enjoy!


We're about halfway there when somebody grabs me from
behind, stopping me in my tracks. My heart hammers in my chest and I
let out a little yelp of surprise, before I turn around to find
Frank's bright blue eyes gazing down at me.

he says softly, before looking over at Caroline. “I just need to
talk to Flo for a minute, we'll see you in class.”

Caroline raises an eyebrow and grins, but she doesn't
say anything. Instead she turns and continues on her way. Frank
quickly pulls me through a door at the side of the corridor that
leads to an empty stairwell. All alone, he pushes me up against the
wall and runs his hand under my top, stroking over my stomach. He
buries his face in my neck and groans. “God, I missed you Flo and
it's only been one night. What are you doing to me?”
Frank, alongside the rest of his foster brothers, was
cursed since birth to carry a demon inside of him. Apparently there's
something about me that's able to soothe the beast, so when Frank
touches me or I touch him, he feels calm and peaceful. He's currently
running his nose up and down my neck affectionately, making it
difficult to breathe. I notice he's finally beginning to accept that
I prefer to be called Flo rather than Florence.

consciously,” I manage, just before he begins kissing his way along
my collarbone, scattering tingles in his wake. I just about melt in
his arms.

Frank draws away from me then with effort. He studies my
face. “You seem tired, how did it go with your dad? If he so much
as looked at you the wrong way I'll end him.”
Oh he looked at me the wrong way numerous times last
night, not to mention bullied me into drinking a truckload of beer
and brandy. Just thinking about that makes me nauseous. I still
haven't eaten yet this morning.
I really don't want to tell Frank about what happened
last night, because I know he'll be furious, and Frank's fury tends
to end with people getting their necks snapped. It's odd that this
doesn't make me fear him. He's like Dexter, he only kills the bad
I curse myself for my built-in need to protect my dad,
who makes it his mission to destroy me on a daily basis. Perhaps it's
the reverse version of all those mothers who cry and mourn for their
serial killer children when they get sent to prison. Sometimes, when
it comes to family, we just can't help ourselves but to feel an
emotional connection.

was okay. D-don't get me wrong, my dad's still an arsehole, but I
think I c-can handle him now.”

A ghost of a smile touches Frank's lips. “You think so
do you? Okay Flo, I know you're strong but the second he even raises
his hand to hit you I need you to leave the house and call me. I'll
be there in a heartbeat. You're never going back to the way things
used to be.”

you, for c-c-caring,” I whisper.

His protectiveness saddens me, for some reason I feel
like I don't deserve it. I have this unshakable inferiority complex.
I lift my hand and run it along his jaw, and a dash of light red
swirls within the flames of his aura as he shudders at my touch. It's
still weird to me that I have the ability to affect him in this way.
His desire for me is clear. His eyes remain locked on mine, as I let
my hand trail down his neck before resting on his chest, just over
his heart.
His aura blazes and he pulls me flush against his body,
pressing his lips to mine and a small gush of breath leaves me,
sounding a little like a sigh. God how embarrassing. It only
encourages Frank to continue kissing me though, sliding his tongue
inside my mouth and grinding his hips against me.
I pull away from him breathlessly. “We really should
get to class if we don't want to be late.”
He pushes a stray wave behind my ear. “I don't think I
care about that right now, but okay let's go then.”
His body is in contention with his words, because he
doesn't move a muscle. His hands are pressed against the wall on
either side of me, caging me close to him, when the door leading into
the stairwell swings open and some guy with a shaved head emerges. It
takes me a moment to realise it's Josh, and I mostly only recognise
him from his aura. His blond highlights are gone, and all that's left
is a tightly cropped cut, showing off his natural dark brown hair
that was once hidden beneath the dye. I wonder what spurred him to
make the change.
He takes in the sight of me and Frank and smirks as he
passes us by. “Getting it on with guys in empty stairwells Flo, I
didn't think you were the type,” he calls up as he descends the
steps. If I didn't know any better I'd swear I saw a tiny splash of
jealousy in his colours.
A frown marks my expression, but Frank isn't even
focused on Josh, he's looking right at me. “He's a mouthy little
shit, don't pay him any attention.”
I smile up at him. “I'll try not to.”



Before I go I'd just like to thank my beta readers, Kristy, Juls and Crystal for all their help and feedback on the book, it was much appreciated!!

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  1. Yay! Congrats on the release 🙂

    I've only finished chapter one but it's already phenomenal!

    Everyone should read both books. Go enter the contests and if you don't win go pick up a copy anyways! I promise you won't be disappointed!

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