Download A Strange Fire for Free! And Some Musical Inspiration

Hello again,

Just a quick blog to say that my YA Paranormal novel A Strange Fire is free all day today and tomorrow on Amazon. Just click on the hyperlink and it will bring you straight there. I'm hoping to get lots of people reading the book through this promotion, so if you are on Goodreads please do post a review if you have the time, there is also the option to post a review on Amazon.

I'd also like to thank everyone who sent in emails for my previous promotion, and the five winners have now been emailed a copy of the book. Obviously, this is another chance for you to get it absolutely free. It still amazes me every time I find that people actually want to read the things that I make up.

I might have mentioned this before...but I listen to a lot of music when I'm writing my stories. Certain sounds give me ideas and help me to envision settings and atmospheres. If you do happen to read A Strange Fire you will notice that it is a very emotional novel, and not only because of the fact that Flo is an Empath, she's got a lot of issues to work through and has had a fairly difficult upbringing. There were lots of songs I listened to that helped me create Flo's mind scape. I might also have mentioned already that I'm a little bit obsessed with Amanda Palmer's music as well as that of her band The Dresden Dolls, there are some of her songs that have made me cry on occasion. Perhaps even more than an occasion...Boston from the album No Virginia is one of those songs, the lyrics don't necessarily apply to Flo, but the feeling of melancholy defines her frame of mind at the beginning of the story, her sense of rejection from her father's abandonment, even though she is sort of elated to finally be free of him. You can listen to the song in this video...


Okay, I'm not trying to depress anyone but I'm really addicted to sad songs, they affect me so much more than the happy ones. At the very end when her voice breaks and she sounds like she's almost about to cry, gets me every time. I'll post two more songs, one is Underground by Kimya Dawson from the album Remember That I Love You, I love Kimya's songs because they tell such vivid stories. This is another sad one but hopeful and humourous at the same time. The other is Prisoners by Regina Spektor, the idea of being a prisoner and setting yourself free is sort of a theme in A Strange Fire...



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