So I know this blog is mostly about books, both the ones I read and the ones I write, but I’ve watched some really good movies and TV shows recently, so I thought I would share them. In essence, I’m a story lover, and I don’t mind so much what form that story comes in, though books have always been my favourite. Film is a close second.

Last Sunday I woke up in the mood for a new boxset, so I had a peruse of the HMV website, and wasn’t I lucky to discover that Game of Thrones Season One had been released that very same day. I’d been looking forward to this for a while but it was taking so long to come out that I kind of forgot about it. Needless to say, I rushed down to Grafton Street and got myself a copy, came home and basically watched almost the whole thing in one day. This show is obviously based on the books by George R.R Martin, the story is beautifully dense, a whole world with a whole history just waiting to be discovered. Now, I don’t normally go for the rugged type, but I have such a crush on Jason Mamoa because of this show, but only as Khal Drogo, not the real life Jason, lol I have problems I know. But my favourite character has to be Aria, Ned Stark’s little girl, she’s only about twelve but she’s such a tough tomboy, I adore her. She tells her dad she wants to learn how to fight so he organises a sword fighting instructor for her. Anyway, I couldn’t recommend this boxset more, even if you aren’t necessarily a fantasy fan you will fall right into this world and will wish it didn’t have to end. I’m already looking forward to the next season.


My next recommendation is a movie called Red State directed by Kevin Smith. This movie is about three friends who go online to find a woman in their town who will “hook up” with them. As it happens they do find a woman, but it turns out she doesn’t actually plan on sleeping with them, she’s actually a member of an extremist religion who kidnap, torture and kill people, such as homosexuals and adulterers. Sort of reminds me of a real life group, can’t quite put my finger on their name lol. Anyway, a hostage situation ensues, but what I really loved about this movie was the humour. One of the best lines was when two agents were standing outside the compound where the followers of the religion live, there’s this massive cross erected in front of the building and one of them asks, “How much do you think a cross like that costs?” and the other answers, “What in dollars or common sense?”, this kind of thing appeals to my skepticism. If you enjoy movies about religious zealots and how ridiculous they are then this is the one for you.


A couple weeks ago I watched the boxset of Boardwalk Empire Season One. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I’m kind of fascinated by prohibition era America as well as the fashion of the 1920’s, so that’s what hooked me. This show comes from the same people who made The Sopranos, so obviously it had potential to be amazing. Well I wasn’t disappointed, I fell into a world full of hardened criminals, and hardened criminals with a heart of gold, bitchy gangster’s molls and pretty damsels in distress. Also, Kelly McDonald is one of my favourite actresses so that was another selling point, although her Irish accent was a bit suspect at times. In all, this was an exciting, emotional and entertaining watch.


Lastly, the other night I sat down to watch Sleeping Beauty starring Emily Browing, a modern take on the classic fairy tale. I remember seeing the trailer on youtube and being completely sucked in by the story. It’s about a girl struggling to pay her way through college with various crappy jobs when she comes across an ad in the paper. She calls up the number and is quickly thrown into a world of bizarre prostitution, she drinks a tea that puts her to sleep, she is put into a lavish bed in a stately home and when she wakes up her job is done. Only she starts to become disturbed by the whole situation, as you would, but I won’t give away the ending. This movie left me feeling drained, but it was really good at the same time. I’ll warn you there’s quite a bit of nudity, but if you are looking for something thought provoking and a little bit left of centre, then you should have a look at this.