New Cover for A Strange Fire

While searching for cover art for my upcoming novel Tegan's Magic recently, I came across an image that I really liked and decided I'd use it to design a new cover for A Strange Fire.

Here's the result..

I quite like it. It looks more polished than the original. A little bit of trivia, the model in this image is actually the same model I'm using for the Tegan's Magic cover. It's weird though, because she's one of those chameleons who looks different in each picture. In this one she looks soft and peaceful, which suits Florence, but in the other she's all tough Goth, to suit Tegan.

Looking through potential cover art has become my new procrastination. I like the simplicity of admiring nice pictures, lol. I'm going to do the cover reveal for my upcoming contemporary romance novel Painted Faces in a week or two, so keep an eye out!

Auf Wiedersehen:)


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