Some Comedy to Brighten Your Day

Hello and welcome. I thought I'd do a comedy post because I always have so many good comedians that I want to share with people. Most of my favourite comedians are musical ones. I got into this style of comedy back when I discovered Tom Lehrer years ago and became fascinated with him and others like him

The first song I'll share is called "Thank You God" by Tim Minchin. I bought his orchestra dvd the other day, I would have bought it sooner but I thought I'd probably heard all the songs on it already. Well I was wrong and there are a couple of real gems on there. As a side note, if you are staunchly christian, best not watch the following video. The reason I laughed at this song so much is because in the town where I grew up there was always this tradition of the older people, like your granny and granddad, going to Lourdes for their holidays. If you've never heard of Lourdes before, it's a town in France where there was apparently an apparition of the virgin Mary back in the 1800's. So I'd always be hearing stories about people going there with various ailments and returning home miraculously cured. It reminded me of the story Tim tells here before he plays his song...

If you like beatboxing and people who can make crazy sound effects with their voice then you'll probably like Beardyman. This song is called Drum and Bass vs. Dubstep. If you're even vaguely familiar with these two musical genres then you'll get how funny this is, although I did show it to someone and they didn't get it at all, so you never know. Anyway, have a look...


Since I mentioned Tom Lehrer at the beginning of this post I thought I'd finish with one of his songs. It's is called "I Got it From Agnes", and the reason I like this song is because it has that kind of old time innuendo but you can still laugh at it even today. One of my big dreams in life would be to see Tom Lehrer play live just once, but he's very old now so that's probably never going to happen.

I'll leave you with this..

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