TEGAN’S POWER Teaser #2 & Xmas Sale

The Christmas reading season is in full swing and since this is my favourite time of year (because I get to wear cosy pyjamas, eat delicious food and read for at least 3 days, lol) I thought I’d do a little sale. From now up until the release of Tegan’s Power you can get all the other books in the series for either free or 99c! Check below.


TEGAN’S POWER Cover Reveal


Today’s the day that I reveal the cover for the very last book in my Ultimate Power series, Tegan’s Power. Believe it or not, it’s been almost five years since I wrote book one, so these characters have been in my head for quite a long time. When I finally put this book out into the world next month and say goodbye to them all I will definitely shed a tear (or several!) Anyhoo, drumroll please… (more…)

Interview with Karina Halle & Bold Tricks Teaser



This week I got interviewed by Karina Halle, one of THE best authors out there right now, about her amazing Artists Trilogy. Check out the interview on her site at the following link, where I talk about what I’d do if I were a con artist, tattoos and the wonderful possibility of the characters in our books actually meeting. (more…)