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My Top Reads of 2013


I went through my kindle library this morning to pick out my favourite reads of the past year so that I could share them with you lovely people. For someone with an online presence, I’m terribly guilty of reading books, absolutely loving them but completely forgetting to recommend them to others. Usually I pick my books based on people suggesting them to me, other times I’m ashamed to say I just scan the Amazon bestsellers and see what tickles my fancy. So, these are the ones that tickled my proverbial fancy this year. (more…)

Interview with Karina Halle & Bold Tricks Teaser



This week I got interviewed by Karina Halle, one of THE best authors out there right now, about her amazing Artists Trilogy. Check out the interview on her site at the following link, where I talk about what I’d do if I were a con artist, tattoos and the wonderful possibility of the characters in our books actually meeting. (more…)

2012: My Little Publishing Journey


So, altogether this past year I’ve published five books and one novella. Feels like a lot. Then again, I had already written two of them. In this blog I want to tell you all about my experience of publishing and writing, the mistakes I made and the things I learned along the way.