Blood Magic Series Boxset

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Blood Magic is an addictive four-book series that melds urban fantasy with paranormal romance!

Tegan Stolle’s humdrum night shift at the twenty-four-hour convenience store is thrown into chaos by an armed robber. Luckily for her, a mysterious and intriguing stranger comes to her rescue. The chance encounter shows her a whole new side to the city she calls home, where there are supernatural beings living right under her nose. Tegan learns that she’s not quite human, and she’s determined to discover the truth behind the magic she possesses. All this while fighting her inconvenient attraction to her mysterious rescuer, the handsome, silver-tongued and powerful nightclub owning vampire, Ethan Cristescu.

Praise for the Blood Magic Series

L.H. Cosway’s world building is phenomenal and there are loads of brilliantly developed side characters who added real flavour to the story.

Read Read No Sleep Repeat

The ending. My Gawd! I want the third book now! Great read! Great characters! Great writing!

Lady Heather on Goodreads

Tegan’s story gets more and more exciting, each book is better than the last and this one is particularly addictive.

Patricia Wonderland

Like the first two books, I couldn’t put this book down and yet again, this book ended with me wanting more.

Arctic Book Lover

I am thoroughly engrossed in this story and can’t wait to start book four!!! Definitely recommend!!

Maria on Goodreads