Blaze: An Oreylia Novel

Book 3 of Bood Prophecy

Darya has escaped from the Prison of Thorns, but her mission is far from over. Not only is Red Armand still on the loose, he’s dragged Vasilios and Sven back to hellish Oreylia with him. Darya might have returned to the safe and loving arms of Peter and her family but she cannot rest until she saves the two men she once considered her enemies. Now they’re her friends, perhaps even more than that in the case of Vas, and she can’t just leave them to their awful fates.

But in order to travel to Oreylia, she must once again leave the people she loves behind. And this time the decision threatens to tear her and Peter apart for good. There’s no guarantee that she’ll be able to come back, and the uncertainty leaves a gaping chasm between Darya and the first boy she ever loved. The vision of her future burns strong in her mind, and the more it penetrates, the more she comes to realise that she might live up to the prophecy of her birth, but not in the way she or anyone else could’ve possibly imagined.

Blaze: An Oreylia Novel is book #3 in L.H. Cosway’s Blood Prophecy Series. All books in the series must be read in order.

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