Book 1 of Bood Prophecy

Darya Cristescu is a bad witch.

Attending St. Bastian’s Institute for Magic and the Supernatural is no fun when you’re terrible at spells. She’d much prefer to leave the magic to her classmates, but sadly, Darya has her final year to complete. She’s hoping to keep her head down and graduate, however life has other plans.

One of her teachers has been shockingly murdered and everyone thinks she did it. Well, not everyone. Peter Girard, the warlock she’s spent years secretly pining for, knows she’s innocent. Unfortunately, there’s enough bad blood between their families to rival the Montagues and the Capulets, which makes being allies complicated.

In an effort to find the true killer, Darya asks Peter to help her cast a spell. But her ineptitude with magic leaves them with an unintended consequence. Darya’s and Peter’s minds have become magically fused, allowing them to communicate telepathically.

All this would be stressful enough if it weren’t for the fact that a demon has marked Darya and she has no idea why. As she and Peter try to discover who the demon is, their unexpected alliance brings about feelings neither of them could’ve anticipated.

Foretold is a spin-off of The Blood Magic Series, however it is not necessary to have read the previous series to enjoy this book.

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