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Hearts of Blue, the fourth book in the ‘Hearts’ series is now live on all online platforms. Set in London, this book tells the story of star-crossed lovers, Karla and Lee, a police constable and a car thief.

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“From its compelling characters, to the competent prose that holds us rapt cover to cover, this is a book I could not put down.” – Natasha is a Book Junkie.

“Devoured it in one sitting. Sexy, witty, and fresh. Their love was not meant to be, their love should never work, but Lee and Karla can’t deny what burns so deep and strong in their hearts. Confidently a TRSoR recommendation and fave!” – The Rock Stars of Romance.

“WOW!!! It’s hard to find words right now, I don’t think the word LOVE even makes justice of can even describe how much I adored this novel. Karla handcuffed my senses and Lee stole my heart.” – Dee, Wrapped Up In Reading.

“Hearts of Blue captivated me from the beginning. It was thrilling, fast paced and very original.” – Patrycja, Smokin’ Hot Book Blog.

“The Hearts series is one of my favourite contemporary romance series out there and Hearts of Blue is a fan-frickin-tastic addition. I’ve just finished the book and all I can think about is Lee Cross.” New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Samantha Young.

“We were once more caught up in the engaging and atmospheric beauty of her world and her characters. L.H. Cosway sure writes addictive stories!” – Jenny & Gitte, Totally Booked.

N.B. For those who purchase from retailers other than Amazon, the book will soon be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, and therefore will be unavailable elsewhere for a period of three months. I wanted to give everybody a chance to buy the book, which is why it has been made temporarily available on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes & Smashwords.

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