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In promotion of my YA Paranormal Romance novel A Strange Fire it is free for the next 3 days on Amazon. The story is a spooky one with romance, supernatural teenagers, drama, mystery and horror.

Here's a short synopsis if you're interested...

Flo has always had problems. Her stammer prevents her speech and her dad’s abuse makes her life a living hell. Not to mention she sees colours other people don’t. 

When her dad decides to ship her off to live with her grandma in the sleepy town of Chesterport, Flo thinks that this is her chance for a better life. But on her very first day at her new school she is ridiculed and laughed at for having a stammer. One student sticks up for her and his name is Frank.

Frank’s body is surrounded by an aura of fire, but Flo is the only one who can see it. He lives in a foster home for troubled teenagers. Flo is drawn to him because he’s different and so is she. 

Things are about to get scary, because Chesterport is not your ordinary suburban town. It’s infested by a coven of dark witches who prey on the young and the elderly. Soon Flo discovers that she’s next on their list of victims, and finds herself fighting a battle she never would have imagined possible.

The next book in the series is as yet untitled, and it will be out some time next year, perhaps in March or April. When I write about my characters I always have to have a clear picture in my head of what they look like. I decided I would share the closest thing I can find of real life people who look like Flo and Frank. For Flo, I picture her looking sort of like Emily Browning, who has those rare green eyes you don't come across very often. Here are some pics..


Emily Browning stars in one of my favourite movies, Suckerpunch. If you haven't seen it then you should watch it. It kind of got slated by the critics, but my favourite films mostly seem to be generally disliked in some way. Don't know why. So, on to Frank. I definitely found it way harder to find someone to represent him, probably because the vast majority of young famous males out there do not appeal to me. The closest I can come up with is a young Wes Bentley, he has the exact light blue eyes of Frank, although you will have to imagine the hair as a shade lighter. I LOVED him ever since American Beauty, he has that perfect intriguing creep factor that I'm drawn to. Ha ha. I also love him in Ghost Rider. Anyway here are some pics...


He definitely has the right hair cut for Frank in the first picture. In the second one he is probably too old to be Frank, but I find it pleasant to look at so I included it. I must think of who the other characters in the novel look like and put those into another blog.
So basically, the point of this post is to let you know that A Strange Fire is free for the next three days, if it sounds like the kind of story you're into then I'd love for you to read it and let me know what you think on Twitter or Goodreads, or even here on my blog.
Goodbye for now. And thanks a million for downloading the book if you do..

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  1. Christy says:

    How funny! Wes Bentley was born in my hometown. 🙂

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