Top Ten Male Vampires in Literature

Ok, so I know I'm absolutely terrible at keeping this blog updated, I am forgetful of these things. But here's an article I wrote a while ago that you might enjoy....

New vampire literature has literally exploded onto the scene in recent years, and readers across the globe have been devouring(excuse the pun) these books like they were going out of style. But what makes these books so addictive has to be the cool, suave, beautiful, and a lot of the time fearsome, male protagonists.

These vampire characters are definitely what keeps a lot of readers glued to the page, and therefore, they surely deserve some praise. So, this article will present a list of the top ten male vampires to watch, read, and wish they were real. And before beginning, an apology must be made to all those Twilight fans out there, as Edward Cullen will not be making an appearance in this list, not because he is unworthy but merely because lets face it, he doesn't exactly need the publicity now does he?

Ten: So, to start at number ten, the first character the grace this list will be Bill Compton from Charlaine Harris' ever popular Sookie Stackhouse novels. Bill is dark haired and almost one hundred and seventy years old and fought during the Civil War. He is the neighbour of the main character, Sookie, and has appeared in all nine of the books so far.

Nine: Micheal Glass from Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampires series. Micheal is blond haired and blue eyed, he is a good friend of Claire(main character) and owns the house where she rents a room. Micheal plays guitar to packed out gigs and he has been newly made into a vampire, though surprisingly he does not show the usual violent tendencies of new borns.

Eight: Constantine from Robin McKinley's novel Sunshine. Constantine is first encountered by Rae (lead character) when she finds herself imprisioned in the ballroom of an abandoned mansion. He has been chained there by his enemy and left to slowly die of hunger and sun exposure. Constantine is an anti-hero and you can't quite tell whether or not he is on Rae's side throughout the novel.

Seven: Lestat from Anne Rice's The Vampire Lestat. The androgenous Lestat has become an icon of vampire literature, particularly since Tom Cruise portrayed him in the movie Interview with the Vampire.

Six: Joe Pitt from Charlie Huston's Already Dead series. Joe is probably the most gritty of all the characters featured here, in the first book of the series he is on a mission to find out what is causing the zombie epidemic that has seized New York. One of his most redeeming qualities lies in his relationship with his HIV infected girlfriend Eve, as he struggles over whether to cure her by turning her into a vampire.

Five: Rhage from JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Rhage, or Hollywood as he is nicknamed by his brothers, because of his movie star good looks, is the quintessential alpha male. He hunts the Lessers by night and struggles with the demon inside of him with which he has been cursed, for fear that it will escape when he becomes angry and cause mayhem and violence.

Four: Christophe Reynard from Lili St.Crow's Strange Angels. Christophe is a dhamphir, half human half vampire. He is blond haired and blue eyed and acts as a guide and mentor and possible love interest to Dru as she enters a brand new world having discovered that she too is a dhamphir.

Three: John Matthew from JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series. John Matthew is introduced as a skinny, shy, mute in his early twenties in the second of the BDB books and has featured in every book since. We see him grow into a vampire after he survives the change, and a hunter when he joins the BDB, and his book is to be released at the end of this month entitled "Lover Mine".

Two: Eric Northman from Charlaine Harris'  Sookie Stackhouse series. Eric is a thousand year old Viking vampire who owns the nightclub Fangtasia in Shreveport. He is a rival to the previously listed Bill in his affections for Sookie. I have listed him so highly mainly for his great sense of humour in the books.

One: Dimitri Belikov from Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy novels. Those who declare that Edward Cullen could never be replaced in their hearts have got to read the Vampire Academy series, for when they discover Dimitri they will be asking themselves, "Edward who?". Dimitri, like the previously listed Christophe, is also a dhamphir, and he acts as Rose Hathaway's tutor when she returns to the academy after running away with her best friend Lissa. A forbidden student/teacher romance ensues.

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